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Teacher Training Hatha Yoga 200 hour

We offer the opportunity for people looking to deepen the practice of yoga and those interested in becoming “yoga teacher”, the opportunity to attend a 200 Hours Teacher Training with the Yogi Patrick Nolfo in tradition of the Atma Darshan Yogashram India. The training is mainly focused on the practice of yoga in itself for the purpose of teaching students to teach yoga and to deepen their own knowledge and practice.

Becoming a yoga teacher is a rewarding experience, both personally and professionally, the path of yoga is not an easy path and it is a tradition in India to have a “Yoga Master” that can guide the student in their learning. This is what we propose in the Yoga Center in Montreux.

This 200H training is certified YOGA ALLIANCE allowing you to teach internationally.


In this 30 hour Acro intensive,
We are going to explore a systematic and progressive way to feel the shift in our bodies from being an beginner to intermediate.
You will be given tools to take your practice to the next LEVEL.

You are going to work through different acrobatics modalities such as hand-balancing, Belly-basing, popping, inversions, L-basing, Handstand, foot2Hands, and much more…..

What to expect
==> 30 hour of fun, intense, and challenging work
==> a training regime that you can remember and take with you.
==> tools and progressions to take your practice to the next level

Balancing: (with people instead of materials). It is possible with a lying or a standing base.

Tempo skills: ( it means, when you try to lift somebody, you first have to learn to follow the jump of the flyer).

Handstand training: These are warm up exercises and different techniques to come to a Handstand.

Spotting and catching: Very important in this training is to help each other and catch each other.



This service is reserved for people who can not regularly participate in yoga classes and / or who want individual “tailor-made” courses.
The reasons can be very different: irregular hours, need of a refresher, specific pathologies, wish of an individualized follow-up, physical preparation for other sports, …
Private lessons can last 1h, 1h15 or 1h30. The dates, times and length of the sessions which may be irregular and even take place during weekends and festivities are fixed in advance, according to the respective availabilities.

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