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Undergoing Training Teachers

Gaëlle Roland

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2013-2016

In her youth, Gaëlle developed a passion for ballet and horse riding, she then practiced fitness in several european countries. After 17 year living abroad, she came back to Switzerland. First in Zurich where she trained in 2004 to teach BodyArt (sport inspired by Tai Chi, Pilates and Yoga) and in 2009 to teach Anusara Yoga. Coming to Montreux led her to the YogaCenter where she has begun the teacher’s training with Patrick Nolfo in spring 2013.

Léa Glesser

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2014-2017

Léa was born in Basel and lives in Fenchspeaking part of Switzerland since the age of 19. She had also been living in Brasil for 7 years. She works currently as an computer scientist. In 2012 she started Yoga classes and since then she has discovered its healing effects. This brought her to extend and develop her yoga knowledge. Therefore she followed the Yoga training with Christophe Steiger in 2013 and 2014.

Jérôme Landiu

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2015-2018

After many years competing in different sports at a national level (martial arts, hand ball) I decided to join the French Military s high mountain Special Forces at the age of 20 and I managed to remain in the elite unit for 3 years. After this incredible and tough experience I studied physical education with a specialisations in outdoors, combat sports and high performance training.

Nicola Saugy

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2015-2018

From a young age, Nicola has been immersed in the world of martial arts where he discovered a passion for judo. After practicing for about 20 years, he became a sports instructor in the program “Jeunesse + Sport”. Even though he gradually shifted to capoeira later on in his life, a variety of sports have always been very much part of his life ranging from mountain and race biking, skiing and snowboarding, running, fitness and acroyoga.

Laura Stolz

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2015-2018

Laura was passionate by dance since the age of six. She learned ballet for four years and then she was initiated to Hip Hop and Modern Jazz Dance.She also likes outdoor activity, so she engages in rock climbing since 2014. In 2013, she found her new inspiration in Hatha Yoga. She has decided to improve her performance and deepen her self-discovery by sustained training.

Francesca Stingele

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2015-2018

Since her youth Francesca has always been conscious of body movement through ballet and even if her dream to become a ballerina never came through she persistently practiced classical dance throughout her studies and her adult life. After high school she endorsed a scientific orientation first in university than as group leader in a multi-national company and finally as managing director developing pharmaceutical products in a central nervous system specialized entrepreneurial company.

Yelena Malesevic

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2016-2019

As a little girl, I was introduced to ballet and modern dance. Later on I joined Volleyball for several years. I was 16 when I discovered yoga for the first time. The idea made its way and it is only later that yoga started to take more space in my life. My personal practice became more regular and serious when I start taking the YogaCenter classes in 2015.

Daniela Catanese

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2016-2019

Born in Montreux, daughter of Italian emigrant parents and born of a large family, I was brought up with great love of simplicity and above all laughter and celebrations. That’s what I am now, a young woman (always little girl in the soul) very dynamic, spontaneous and with an enormous joie de vivre!

Yannick Morard

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2016-2019

Passionné par le sport et les activités physiques en général depuis mon plus jeune âge, j’ai décidé de me former au mieux pour pouvoir travailler dans ce domaine que je veux partager et développer. Après un baccalauréat et une maîtrise universitaire en sciences du sport, j’ai trouvé dans la gymnastique et le yoga une forme de dépassement de soi, un esprit d’entraide et une recherche de bien-être que je n’avais encore rencontré dans aucunes disciplines sportives.

Delia Baehler

Teacher training Hatha Yoga 2016-2019

With a CFC d’équitation and an ES diploma in agrocommerce in my pocket, I leave to learn German and Spanish. After several years of activity in these fields, I change course and become a locomotive engineer. To cope with the difficulties of night work and irregular schedules, I choose the practice of yoga to help me create a healthy lifestyle as good as possible.

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