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What life takes away from you, Yoga gives it back

IMG_0061Anyone with a strong desire to lead a healthier and fuller life can practice yoga. To fully understand the true meaning of yoga, it is important to experience it personally.
With this in mind, we practice breathing and relaxation exercises, as well as specific postures that allow the stretching and toning of the muscular system.

With time, those who practice diligently become more conscious of subtle changes affecting their outlook on life.

By toning and relaxing the body on a regular basis, and by soothing the mental sphere, you begin to experience inner peace, which is your true nature.

This is the essence of yoga; this self-knowledge toward which we all evolve progressively.

By attaining full mastery of your thoughts and emotions, inner boundaries dissolve. Thus, it is our illusions and prejudices that block us and prevent us from self-actualizing.

Basic Principles of Yoga

The appropriate exercises (asanas): Asanas improve blood circulation, increase flexibility and strength. Also, those exercises balance the mental sphere and develop concentration.

Correct breathing (pranayama): Pranayama stimulates the solar plexus, where a great energetic potential is stored. Furthermore, pranayama also liberates energy, thus regenerating body and spirit.

Deep relaxation (savasana): Deep relaxation is essential for physical and mental regeneration.

Nutrition : Healthy nutrition comprises easily digestible foods that bring perfect balance to the body and mind.

Positive thought & meditation (vedanta/dhyana): The practice of positive thought and meditation relieves stress and increases energy. Meditation develops mental strength and brings inner peace. Recommended for everyone, meditation is particularly precious for those who lead stressful and fast paced lives.

(For more information on hatha yoga has its benefits, thank you refer to the Q & A).

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