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Toumo means inner heat.

Toumo is a secret practice pushing the limits of resistance to cold. It originated in Tibetan Buddhism and is only transmitted from master to disciple.

ToumoToumo is an original teaching of thermo-regulation to help adapt to the cold and develop natural defenses in Man. The practice of Toumo stimulates the entirety of the respiratory system, the cardio-vascular system, and the immune system, thus ensuring a compete hygiene of life.

Toumo is a discipline aiming at surpassing oneself and overcoming our deepest fears; a deep renouncement leading to a purification of the body and the mind. In doing so, it becomes possible to regain power in life, emotional will, and a profound wish to succeed.

Toumo allows the regeneration of our inner fire. Unnatural environments, such as heating systems in winter and air conditioning in summer, have rendered us physiologically lazy, and have thus weakened our natural ability to adapt.

Toumo ensures a development of our thermo-regulating capacities, thereby preventing the cooling of the weakest parts of our bodies in winter. Thus, it allows the regeneration of our inner fire. As a result, it becomes possible to increase our limits of resistance to the cold and create greater harmony when experiencing life changes.

Preparation for Toumo

This practice requires a specific preparation. It is recommended to be guided by a competent instructor. When not done properly, it can lead to serious health issues.

By employing a specific series of postures, precise breathing techniques, and relaxation, heat is harmoniously distributed throughout the whole body.

During his trip to India, Patrick was initiated to Toumo by Tibetan monks in the Himalaya. Furthermore, last winter, he also trained with the famous yogi, Maurice Daubard, a Toumo specialist.Drawing from his personal experience, Patrick has adapted his teaching to Westerners.

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