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The Naturopath: A Lifestyle Specialist

The naturopath is more than just knowledgeable when it comes to health. If that were the case, his only purpose would be to share information. Health is not a simple recipe. Therefore, with his training and primordial interest in healthy lifestyle, the naturopath possesses knowledge about a variety of elements inherent to health.

NaturopathieSharing information about health is one thing, but giving naturopathic recommendations is another. Thus, the naturopath considers the entirety of the person at a given moment in life. The naturopathic intervention is well coordinated and applied; resulting from a detailed study of a condition, the intervention is progressive and respects physical, physiological, and psychological limits.Whether it is a pregnant woman, a child during a period of growth, a night worker, a person with a chronic illness, someone who suffered an injury, an intellectual, a sedentary person, an emotional person, etc., temperament, vitality, age, sex, race, SES, belief system, or activities, are all vital elements that are considered during the naturopathic approach.

For your Health and Well-Being, I offer :

  • Warm stone massage
  • Nathuropathic consultation
  • Health check up
  • Massage and Ayurvedic treatment
  • Classical massage
  • Energetic massage
  • Medical massage
  • Suction cups massage
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Homeopathy
  • Chinese medicine techniques
  • Nutrition advice

Naturopathy : A Health School

By enlisting the help of a naturopath, you receive solid information that allows you to maintain, improve, or regain your health. The naturopath is a true teacher of Health. His teaching is based on a preventative and therapeutic system that is both scientific and efficient.

In summary, the services of a naturopath consist of specific health and lifestyle advice to individuals, families, and groups, in an effort to teach them how to increase their energy levels and improve their health.

The naturopath does not pretend to heal, but teaches his clients more efficient ways to improve their health conditions. Thus, the naturopath helps you embrace your full potential of inherent healing.

Services offered by the Naturopath

The naturopath will help you create a personalized, detailed, and efficient program to regain, maintain, or improve your health. In doing so, depending on your needs, he will :

  • Study your health habits
  • Evaluate your way of life.
  • Evaluate your health status as well as your general level of vitality.
  • Take into account your symptoms and previous illnesses.
  • Evaluate your weight and body density.
  • Require a blood or urine test if necessary.
  • Offer ways to improve your elimination functions.
  • Analyse your food intake in detail.
  • Offer ways to improve your eating habits
  • Evaluate and remedy to your nutritional deficiencies.
  • Evaluate your physical condition.
  • Establish an appropriate physical exercise plan.
  • Address your stress coping mechanisms.
  • Suggest concrete ways to improve emotional balance.
  • Establish a plan to progressively improve your lifestyle in order to increase your vitality levels.
  • Insure, with an adequate follow-up, the normal evolution of your general condition.

Treatments are to be paid in full at the end of the session. Your health insurance will cover the treatment if you have a complementary insurance for “natural medicines”.

My details for your insurance are :

Patrick Nolfo
NVS 2771 or RME 3379

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