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Mental Coaching

Mental Coaching and Sports Training

If you are looking to challenge yourself in sports or competition, you might benefit from the guidance of a coach who can challenge and motivate you.

Mental Trainig in Sport : Why ?

NIMG_4702owadays, everyone recognizes that mental attitude occupies a significant place within competition and high level sports. At times, during competition, an athlete might feel technically ready and physically strong, but yet totally fail to perform. At other times, an athlete might be unable to perform altogether, thus acting as his own worst enemy.

It is important for athletes to freely progress and express themselves during competition by providing them with the appropriate tools. In doing so, they can access the full potential of their mental abilities and perform at their highest level.When an athlete needs to overcome an obstacle, reach a precise goal, acquire new skills, or eliminate psychological blocks, it is better to focus on strengths, potential, and competencies, thereby embracing a global approach.

Each athlete is an experiment on its own, a particular case, whether it be collective or individual. Therefore, with a “wholistic” and personal approach, it becomes possible to set proper goals, and know the athlete on all dimensions (physical, psychological and existential).

The mental is an integrated domain which is permanent to all training and competition.

It becomes clear that intelligent mental training must be based on deep reflection and the acquisition of tools, specific techniques, and adapted mental strategies. Therefore, athletes should include mental training in their daily workouts.

Optimize your potential, develop mind and body harmony.

Gaining autonomy, blossoming, and being competitive are goals mental training offers to reach. Psychological preparedness in order to perform during competition requires a familiarization with the multiple situations inherent to the chosen discipline, management of extra-curricular parameters, familiarization with competitive conditions, mental projection, and most of all, a love of competing.

Price is to be set depending on the project.

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