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Acro Yoga



In this 30 hour Acro intensive, 
We are going to explore a systematic and progressive way to feel the shift in our bodies from being an beginner to intermediate.
You will be given tools to take your practice to the next LEVEL.

You are going to work through different acrobatics modalities such as hand-balancing, Belly-basing, popping, inversions, L-basing, Handstand, foot2Hands, and much more.....

What to expect
==> 30 hour of fun, intense, and challenging work
==> a training regime that you can remember and take with you.
==> tools and progressions to take your practice to the next level

Balancing: (with people instead of materials). It is possible with a lying or a standing base.

Tempo skills: ( it means, when you try to lift somebody, you first have to learn to follow the jump of the flyer).

Handstand training: These are warm up exercises and different techniques to come to a Handstand.

Spotting and catching: Very important in this training is to help each other and catch each other.

Because two is always better AcroYoga !

Since 1998, I have been honored in teaching thousands of people worldwide to turning their lives "upside down" so to speak whilst loving every second of it. As a certified AcroYoga instructor and massage therapist, my life is dedicated in sharing my yoga journey. AcroYoga is a form of partner yoga where two yogis work together for therapeutic release and acrobatic fun. AcroYoga takes yoga with a partner to a whole new level, as one person performs yoga poses perched above the other. The AcroYoga method, which includes class etiquette, standard poses, and Thai Yoga Massage.

The Yogi T. Krishnamacharya can be seen basing his young students in several old films available on YouTube (such as this one, dated 1938). Today's AcroYoga is intended to encourage play, human connection, and community. A mainstay of yoga festivals (see below), AcroYoga workshops and teacher trainings are in-demand throughout the Europe and internationally.

How it Works
One partner (called the base) supports the other (the flyer) in a series of aerial postures. The necessary personnel is rounded out by a spotter, who makes sure everyone has good alignment so the flyer doesn't fall. The base most often lies flat on his or her back and supports most of the flyer's weight with his or her extended legs. The legs, when properly aligned with the ankles over the hips, can support a lot of weight, so that a small person is capable of basing a larger flyer. The base can support the flyer's hips with their feet for backbends or their shoulders for inversions, among many other possible combinations.
Therapeutic and Acrobatic
A therapeutic approach uses gravity to release the flyer's spine with supported inversions. An acrobatic approach allows for a dynamic partnership between flyer and base as they work together to discover creative ways to join their bodies in supported flight. After coming down, the flyer thanks the base with some Thai Yoga Massage (passive yoga stretches).
You don't need a partner to find partnership.

Flying solo? No worries—you’ll find someone to soar with once when you arrive! While you are welcome to train with a dedicated partner, there is much knowledge to be gained in mixing it up from time to time. This partner-based practice develops your skills to work with a wide variety of people... no matter the personality, shape, size, or skill.

Is not required to bring a partner.
All levels are welcome.

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