Fees and Payment

Group lessons

The first class
Want to discover our school before you start?
CHF 20.00
One session
A course from time to time? Take a one-off session.
CHF 35.00
Subscription cards
12 classes | Valid for 4 months | Montreux
* CHF 325.00
Subscription cards
24 classes | Valid for 8 months | Montreux
* CHF 560.00
Subscription cards
10 classes | Kids Yoga | Montreux
CHF 160.00
Monthly subscriptions
3 months | Montreux
CHF 495.00
Monthly subscriptions
6 months | Montreux
** CHF 780.00
Monthly subscriptions
12 months | Montreux
**CHF 1200.00

*In the event that you pay your subscription cash during the first class, the 13th or 25th class is FREE.

** If you pay your cash registration from the 1st class, a 3-hour yoga session on a Saturday morning is FREE (not valid for the 3 months subscription).

Private lessons

Private lesson
1h15 | one person
CHF 140.00
Private lesson
1h15 | for 2 people
CHF 180.00
For more information please contact us.


All subscriptions are to pay cash / credit card from the 1st day or in advance via PayPal or by postal account CCP.

By transfer

Account: 17-659958-4
Holder: Center Naturopathie | 1820 Montreux

By paypal

You can pay by credit card or by using your paypal account by following our secure link and putting matching.


Subscriptions and packages can start at any time of the month and count from the date of the first class. Cards and subscriptions are not transferable. In case of absence (illness or accident) only the presentation of a medical certificate will be valid for the extension of the subscription. Holidays will not be taken into consideration. Absences, whatever they are, or stop of the courses do not give right to any refund. Thank you for your understanding. Possibility of gift certificates.

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